October 21, 2014

13 Days of Halloween: Music Fix

There's nothing like settling down with a good book and music to accompany it, so here's a roundup of my current favorite 8tracks playlists that are Halloween themed.

Hocus Pocus by book’em-spacemonkey
an instrumental mix to start things off

it’s time by blendy
don’t judge the cover on this one, although that dancing pumpkin video amazing, it has most of the classics for a halloween themed evening

Make Out In The Graveyard by andymientus
newer songs with halloween or gothic themes

A Punk Rock Halloween by sataniswaitin
if those three are a bit too laid back, this one will pick up the mood

I have to admit I think I like Halloween/Gothic songs more than Christmas ones. What songs are your must haves? Check out the 13 Days of Halloween tag to see posts from previous years as well.

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