November 8, 2014

My TV Corner

Hi all, I’m back and will hopefully be weekly … cause well I'm a TV addict and there is nothing I love best that sharing my TV thoughts with you all. So here it goes lets discuss my favorite shows this week!


Once Upon A Time - ABC 8/9c

This episode focused on Belle and her connection with Arendale.  It turns out our dear sweet Belle has been keeping secrets and these secrets directly correlate to what happened to Anna.

The Snow Queen did it, sorry I couldn’t resist, but truly who didn’t see that coming, and while it might have been somewhat predictable Belle’s guilt over it somewhat ridiculous considering who she’s married to and all the secrets Rumple’s been keeping, but alas that wasn’t the most interesting part of the episode.

The fact that Regina can’t find a cure for Marion and recommend to Robin that he stop loving her so that he can give Marion true love’s kiss well… that is.  It was a heartbreaking scene and well sorry Regina unless you are planning on making Robin forget you that isn’t going to happen.  And lastly we have Emma and Elsa who’ve learned just what The Snow Queen wants and that’s a “happy little witchy family of lovely blondes”.

Resurrection - ABC 9/8c

Once again Michelle Fairley as Margaret Langston has stolen the show with another riveting and truly terrifying performance. Margaret is the queen bee and what she knows could change everything.

But, it was this week’s reveal concerning Bellamy that was truly shocking.  I don’t think anyone watching was surprised when it was revealed early this season that Bellamy was a returned but learning that he was the baby the couple with the little girl in season one was looking for… that was bringing it all back full circle. Kudos, writers well done.

Now we’ve got the sickness to contend with and the fact that Bellamy has given some of his medicine to Maggie, anyone else think its time he told her what’s actually going on with him?

The Walking Dead - AMC 9/8c

Beth! Beth! Beth!  This episode gives us the answer to the questions we’ve been asking since Daryl chased that car all night and collapsed on the road. What happened to Beth? Who took her? And is she still alive?

Well dear sweet Beth is definitely still alive, I don’t know how sweet she still is though. She’s been staying a hospital where everyone has to “repay” there debts and no one can. Beth’s always concerned herself to be the weaker sister, not tough and strong like Maggie well I think its safe to say that she makes her sister proud this episode.  Beth is far from weak but her captives don’t know this and Beth knows how to use it in her favor. And now that Carol is with her I can't wait to see what havoc these two will wreck.


Gotham - FOX 8/7c

Jim Gordon always knew that the Gotham police force was corrupt but I don't think he realized just how corrupt until Don Falcone' sent Victor Zsasz into the precinct after him.

Zsasz cleared out the room, literally leaving Gordon to fight the good fight on his own, luckily while it may have shined a light on corruption it also gave Gordon clearly allies in the fight Bullock, Montoya, and Allen all came through for him in a big way.  

We also got to see them team up with Bruce and Alfred, proof to Young Master Wayne that Gordon isn't the only honest cop in town. Kudos to Alfred for getting one over on Allen, one of the funniest moments of the episode, its clear why  Bruce would ask Alfred to teach him how to fight. The shoot out during the first half of he episode was thrilling as was the moment when Bullock and Gordon were willing to go out in a blaze of glory, of course Barbara would get herself caught and stop this. Personally I wanted to roll my eyes at that bit but at the same it got us to gain more insight on what Liza's been doing with Falcone (muffin baking?) and kept Gordon from dying, so we will have to endure.

But the true moment goes to already scene stealer, Robin Lord Taylor as the Penguin, its been hinted that the considers Gordon a friend perhaps but learning that he's been working with Don Falcone all along and he asked him to spare him that was jaw-dropping.

Sleepy Hollow - FOX 9/8c

Abbie and Ichabod are faced with one of the great challenges of their partnership the dreaded come back from purgatory, is an actual witch, now pregnant with a literal demon spawn wife.

Yup. It was awkward.  But in the end through loyalty and humor, Ichabod and Abbie saved the world, again. And Katrina.

No baby demon's born score one for team good guys, however there is still Walter oops I mean Henry out and about and very determined to work out his mommy and daddy didn't love me issues on the entire world.  Next week... succubi who else is psyched? 


NOTHING ON --- All together "NOOOOOOO!!!!" what is a tv addict to do!! Netflix, of course... Hemlock Groove loving it!!


Arrow - CW 8/7c

The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak; literally what every Felicity fan has be clamoring for and did it disappoint? HELL NO!!

We got to see hacker BRUNETTE Felicity, that alone would've been worth it but we also got to meet momma Smoak, whose just as hilarious as her daughter if a much beginner fan of spandex, sequence, and high hemlines.

So while momma Smoak may not share her daughter's love of all things tech its clear where Felicity got her hutzpah from, also her good looks.  Favorite moment its a toss up between Oliver meeting his quasi-mother-in-law and saving both ladies as Felicity knocked her former first love turned cyber terrorist.

I think its safe to say that Felicity's love life is well complicated.  But there is still one question left unanswered, JUST WHO IS FELICITY'S FATHER?!!?!!

The 100 - CW 9/8c

Speaking of complicated relationships between mothers and daughters we've got Abby and Clarke kicking ass and taking names in their own unique ways.  Abby helped Finn free Bellamy and sent them off to find the others, including her Clarke.  This left Kane to be manipulated by one of his guards into making an example of her in order to keep amongst the other members of the Arc. It's very clear where Clarke gets her sense of right and wrong as well has her bravery we see this in how she's paralleled to her mother. Clarke similarly freed Anya at great cost to herself and is not out of mountain weather and separated from the remaining 48.

We see a similar parallel between Kane and Bellamy as they often mean well even while their actions are occasionally rash and ill-thought out.  Kane pretty much regrets having Abby whipped as its happening and Bellamy has finally started to learn from his season one mistakes as we see him trying to find another way, one that doesn't involve executing a grounder. Unlike Finn, whose taken a dark turn one that will surely cause them all to end up in sever danger, cause I can't be the only who thinks that grounder is setting them up.

We leave off with a devastated Octavia who while earning a place amongst Lincoln, is now devastated over the belief that her love is dead.  But Lincoln isn't dead he's been captured and given over to people on the mountain they have an alliance of sorts with the Reavers, its seems them give them some sort of "medicine' to help keep them alive.  But With Lincoln on the mountain I'm hoping Jasper and Monty will open there eyes to the truth soon.


The Vampire Diaries - CW 8/7c

Damon's back!! and Elena's is still compelled to not remember loving him... anyone else see massive problem with this scenario?  As the episode progresses Elena does decided that , light bulb moment I'm sure, having all the facts and her memories would be the smart thing.

Of course Damon was captured and is riding off in the back of Tripp's van towards Mystic Falls to face his death with Enzo.  Stefan and Ric are off to the rescue but of course Ric ends up human again, which of course leaves Elena still compelled. On the bright side Stefan finally gets to rescue his brother and Enzo.  But things aren't all happiness for Stefan as Caroline refuses to go easy on him, its like come on Stef... do you really not see that Care wants to be more than friends?

But as its to be expected this episode was all Damon's... he's back and the only person who really knows what happened to him is Stefan.  Only Stefan knows that his brother was with Bonnie the entire time, that she sacrificed herself to send him back and that his Damon is walking around holding on to the guilt of that moment. He misses his friend and if that isn't heartbreaking what is.

Scandal - ABC 9/8c

Scandal has redeemed itself in one hour. Yes it was that damn good.  Abby's bastard of an ex-husband is being endorsed for US Senator and the true meaning of Olivia and Abby's friendship is revealed.

This man, Chip, regularly beat Abby so badly that carries the proof of it in her jaw.  But Abby is stronger now, in larger part due to her friendship with Olivia and while Olivia works over time to help the other candidate win, it's Abby that ultimately wins this one for herself as she finally tells and uses what happened against her to finally get the upper hand against him.

Meanwhile, Olivia took care of business command style. Honestly her daddy would be proud if this wasn't the first nail in his coffin.  Silas finally has a clue regarding his new boy toy (whose Scott's daddy on Teen Wolf!) and its all thanks to Lizzie Bear using the info given to her to manipulate Melly. I can't wait for Melly to realize what's going on and oh Lizzie you better watch out.  And we are left with the best last 5mins of the season, Jake joins Fitz and Olivia, and command will hopefully never see it coming.

How To Get Away With Murder - ABC 10/9c

The time to discover who killed Sam is getting closer as we get a flashback from Rebecca's perspective.

I'm nearly 99.9 percent sure that Sam did but when it comes to who killed Sam even Rebecca seems to think she did, SEEM, being the operative word.

I'm thinking it was more likely one of the other because why else help Wes cover it up?  Meanwhile, the courtroom drama is the least of our worries as the mystery grows ever thicker and once again I can honestly just say, I just want more give me more.


Grimm - NBC 9/8c

Nick is still not a grimm but I think he know once again wants to be.  I loved that in Juliette insisting that Nick go see a doctor, she and Nick were finally confirmed with the undeniable fact that being a GRIMM is a natural part of who Nick is and its a part he needs in order to survive.  

This episode's play on Raging Bull brought the message further home to Nick as he had to sit back and once again watch Truble handle the wesen trouble.

Meanwhile Monroe and Rosalie haven't given up on finding the cure and have teamed up with Captain Renard's hexenbeist momma.  It not only made for amusing comedic relief but also set up a return of the battle between the royals and the resistance. 

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