February 11, 2015

Music Rec's: Currently Listening To...

So, I don't think I've done a music rec. post before, but lately I've been stumbling on some awesome music that I totally need to share with my equally awesome followers. A while back I signed up for this really cool thing called IRL Box. It comes once a month and is filled with all kinds of epic goodies and indie music!

So I've spent the last two months practically attached to iTunes and my Amazon Fire Phone so I'm connected to Sound cloud and my music library wherever I go. Music is love people.

So below I'm totally going to break it down for you in two categories: Artists to check out and songs I play so much on my phone they pop up in the suggestion box before I even open the app.

Artists to Check Out:

OK Go - I've been listening to the  Hungry Ghosts album on repeat since I added it to my library. Looove it. Their music is so upbeat. I mean they've got some slow songs too, but even those just kinda make me happy.

Former Vandal - He isn't new to be honest haha, but I love him to death anyway and since I just bought like seven of his songs the other day, he's another one that's been on repeat on all of my playlists. His music makes me fucking emotional, like I cry to his songs it's ridiculous. Soooo good.

Dutch Party - Give me all the things. I LOVE Paper Moon. I've listened to it seven times this morning and I will most likely listen to it more before the day is over, not gonna lie.

Streets Of Laredo - Their music totally makes me want to grab my friends, and run off on a roadtrip to nowhere haha. Just more feel good music that I can sit and listen to for hours.

SideOneDummy - These guys are a little more hardcore than the other's listed here. Louder and maybe something I want to bang my head to haha.

Favorite Songs:

I could literally list a dozen more songs I love by these people, but you know I assume you want your page to load when you click on this post and it probably won't if I add entire albums here haha. So, enjoy these and let me know what some of your favorites are and what you've been listening to lately. You can never have too much music to listen to. ;)

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