July 5, 2015

Book Blitz: Persuasion (Ambrosial Acres #1)

Persuasion (Ambrosial Acres #1) by Jannette Fuller
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: April 29, 2015
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Book Description:

Agent Yagil is a seasoned Guardian Angel, but his newest assignment is going to take every bit of strength and commitment he has.

Seventeen year old Amber Reynolds is looking for freedom and independence from her ridged lifestyle. Going behind her parents’ back, she takes a part-time job at the renowned Inn located within Ambrosial Acres.

As Agent Yagil watches over Amber, he discovers that despite its mysterious beauty, Ambrosial Acres hides a dark and supernatural secret.

Between Amber’s new coworker crushes, her menacing stalker, a mysterious online stranger, and the evil Agents out to lead her down a path of self destruction, Agent Yagil faces the fight of his career.

Life is all about choices. Can he help Amber make the right ones, before it’s too late?

♥ ♥ ♥


A green arrow appears on the streetlight and we make a left, turning onto a side road. The portfolio disappears after I flick my wrist. I skim the edge of a puffy cloud, narrowing my eyes as we approach the church. There’s a dark, thick halo swirling right above it. I stop midair, discerning what it is.

It’s the agents from the opposing corporation.

When General Fallon started his own corporation, he recruited a third of the agents belonging to the Commander. Just like us, they vary in rank. Some are assigned to possess the bodies of humans and others are placed in specific regions over the earth, acting as governing officials. As for the rest of them, their mission is to entice humans by binding them with all sorts of spiritual chains.

Since I’m out numbered, I don’t want them to see me. I fly up onto one of the clouds. Because we also have the ability to control how gravity affects us on earth we are able to stand on clouds without sinking through them.

The only problem is, our transcendental light can be spotted from miles away. Humans can see the same light they do, but not as big and not as bright. As for the other agents, they appear to humans as inky shadows in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Oh, no! Where’s Amber?!

I lower my head through the cloud and search the parking lot. A gush of air escapes my mouth, relieved to see Amber getting out of the Jeep. But then an agent spirals downward making its way toward her. I fling my head back, sending particles of white matter everywhere. As I get ready to dive off the cloud, a cluster of fast-moving shadows make a beeline in my direction.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

Jannette Fuller is the author of Persuasion (Book One in the Ambrosial Acres Series). She lives in the beautiful and majestic mountains of Boone, North Carolina with her husband and children.

And even though she loves coming up with fantastical ideas for her stories, and bringing them to life, she fancies other things as well:

exercising, going on nature walks, watching Netflix, recording on Singsnap, drinking coffee, and she enjoys foot massages too, but that only happens when her husband's in the mood to give her one.

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