November 18, 2015

Book Blitz: Hustle

Hustle by Ashley Claudy
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Romance
Release Date: November 19, 2015
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Book Description:

South Eastern University: Where the football players are royalty and Andrew Fayden is king.

College was supposed to be Brook’s chance to escape the rumors and the harassment that plagued her at home, but she hadn’t planned on meeting Andrew Fayden.

Now, she’s finding it hard to think of anything else or anyone else. She’s determined to wipe him from her mind though because he is the definition of unavailable. He’s got an on and off again girlfriend always on the sidelines and a flood of girls willing to take over that position.

And his popularity makes it hard to keep a low profile, something she needs to do if she doesn’t want to be pulled back into the drama of her past.

Despite all the warnings, she’s finding it hard to resist– and he’s making it hard to say no.

♥ ♥ ♥


“—But they seemed like they were fighting,” I'm trying to explain to Rose what I saw.

“And he kissed you last night,” she wraps her arm around the pillow under her head, still sleepy.

“I don't want to even think about last night,” I groan and lean against my headboard. “Especially now. He might be in a relationship with a girl I have to see almost everyday.”

“You don't know that. I've never heard that he has a girlfriend. All I hear is that he has lots of girls.” She stretches and sits up, hair a tangled mess around her head. “Chin up. You kissed one of the most sought after guys on campus in your first month at school.” Her eyebrow pops up with the corner of her mouth. “This has to be a good sign. This is going to be a bomb ass school year.”

I shake my head, recalling the feel of lips on mine, hands on my skin. “Except that's all over now.”

She sweeps her legs off the mattress, slipping her feet into a pair of sandals that are peeking out from under the bed. “There will be others, and it will be even better.”

“I doubt that. I can't think of anyone better.” I lean back, draping my arm over my eyes, realizing how desperate I sound. I'd only just met the boy, but his smile and green eyes were all I could see behind my lids. Something about him sucked me in, and my thoughts were trapped on him.

“I've peaked, and it's only my first month at school.”

She laughs and slaps my leg as she stands up. “Aw, are you sad that you didn't get to bone him?”

“Bone him?” I drop my arm from my face and gape at her. “First, girls don't bone. Guys have the…you know… bones.”

She's shaking with laughter as she falls on the mattress beside me. “Fine, you wanted him to bone you. You can admit it.”

I prop myself up on my arms and side glare at her. “And what about you and TJ?” Something about her smirk stops me and I sit up. “Oh my God, did you… with him… last night?”

She bites her lip and shrugs. “I may have let him bone my mouth.”

I muffle my scream into the palm of my hand, my eyes nearly bursting out of my head.

She continues to smile with a mischievous glint in her eyes, but she can only keep the calm act up for so long before she bounces on the bed and turns towards me. “I don't know what I was thinking. We were dancing in the club together, one thing led to another, and he had me out back in a private side alley, and I went down on him, right then and there. It was,” she covers her smile with her fingers as she chooses her word, “fun.”

I'd never gotten a chance to do the whole girl talk, morning after thing with any girlfriends before. When I had friends, we weren't at this stage yet, and by time I got there, they were no longer friends. I didn’t know whether to high five her or talk about the dangers of public sex. “You should have come out last night. It was fun.” She sighs and lies back next to me on my bed.

“Well…” I eye her, not wanting to bring down her mood, but needing to get this off my chest. “You kind of ditched me last night.”

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

Mother. Wife. Teacher. Proud UMD Terp. Perpetual learner. Wild imagination fueled by coffee. Occasional runner. Late night book junkie. Daytime dreamer.

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