January 14, 2012

Childhood Fairy Tales and Finding Prince Charming

It’s February again and Valentines Day is in exactly 10 days. I guess you could say I’m a bit jaded in the love department. Love hasn’t exactly treated me kindly over the years. I’ve had so many failed relationships that by now I’ve stopped looking and I’m perfectly content to sail through the days without a man by my side.

From my experiences love hasn’t been beautiful or heart stopping, but heartbreaking and painful. I guess everyone gets to the point where they have been burned one too many times. I’m not all gung ho on love, as you can probably tell, and I’m certainly not waiting for my knight in shining armor, but I think we forget that inside every one of us girls there’s a place where we are all waiting for our happy ending. No matter how damaged we might be. Sometimes with everything going on and hearts getting broken, which happens quite often when you’re young, we just need a reminder of that.

The other night I was working late and the kids and I were watching ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ At the end of the movie when Prince Philip kissed Aurora and they lived happily ever after, there were three collective sighs across the room. Well except from the 8-year old who thinks girls are gross and cringes at the thought of “kissing their disgusting lips.” He got up off the couch and called us “silly girls with our puppies, ponies and princes” before going to play with his Wii. At the time I remember chuckling at how incredibly adorable he was. It wasn’t until I got home that night and had the urge to watch ‘Cinderella’ that I really thought about what he said.

Silly girls…why are we silly? Is it really silly to think that finding someone you love, having them love you and then living happily ever after is worth while? I mean if we look around the world, in the media, on television, listen to the radio, all we see and hear about is how people cheat on each other. How they basically hurt the people they supposedly love without a care in the world. Even in our everyday lives we see “happily ever after” falling apart. More than half the marriages in the United States end in divorce. I don’t even want to think about what the statistics are around the world.

In the grand scheme of things, I’m not saying I believe in fate or that there is any one person destined for someone else. Trust me; I’m the last person who’s going to believe in true love. I’m just thinking that maybe even though our generation has all kinds of ways around love, IE: friends with benefits, hooking-up, F.B., and whatever else the kids are calling it today, we genuinely want to be happy with another person.

We want to have someone to share the good and bad things with, someone we can call our equal and count on to be there for us always. Someone to laugh and cry with even if we don’t go searching for him. Even if occasionally we’re bitter, jaded and we aren’t sure where to start in a relationship after being disappointed in the past. We might not trust someone with our heart right away or ever, but we want to.So is it so bad, that we carry a small hope that someday maybe we’ll find someone who will prove the world wrong and our fairy tales right?

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