October 27, 2012

Random Feature: Legendary Women First Annual Literary Contest

Announcing the First Annual Legendary Women, Inc. Literary Contest

We all have a favorite heroine, a woman who kicks a serious amount of butt and inspires us to be better than we are. So far, Legendary Women, Inc. has celebrated the female characters who already exist. Now we're asking our readers to create some of their own!

We're hosting a literary contest in order to encourage the creation of strong female protagonists. The top prize includes posting the story on the site, an author interview with the winning writer, and fifty dollars (US). Second and third place finishers will also have their stories posted here in the run up to the grand prize winner being posted, but they will not receive a monetary prize or an interview. For more information, please read all the rules below. They're all crucial to ensuring that you submit the best quality of work, as well as work that qualifies for our contest.

Also, as this is just the first contest, we hope to have others in the future. We're interested in doing contests for memoirs/autobiographical fiction and for sex positive fiction, but this contest isn't about those types of stories. Still, watch out for them in the future!



1. There is no fee to enter.
2. Board members, and relatives of Legendary Women's board, as well as the judges, are prohibited from entering.
3. Authors submitting works must be 16+ years old.
4. Stories that have been submitted elsewhere CAN be submitted, as long as it is the original work of the author. We would like stories that have been submitted to other markets and rejected/unpublished or stories that are currently being submitted to other markets as well. We do NOT want previously published stories.


1. Stories must feature a female protagonist.
2. We include transgender women under the blanket of female protagonist. Transwomen are women.
 3. For this first contest, original fiction only please. Due to copyright issues, no plagiarized works or fanfiction will be eligible to win.
4. Currently, while we are sex positive, this is not an erotica contest.
5. One entry per author.
6. Stories must be between 1k and 5k.
7. We will not accept stories that contain prejudice against different races, religions, sexual orientations, physical abilities, or genders.
8. R-rated language is permitted, but again, no slurs permitted.

Entries will be accepted November 1st-15th. From November 16th- Jan 1st, entries will be read and narrowed down by the board. The judges will read entries and pick their winners January 2nd-January 16th. Winners will be notified by January 17th, and all finalists will receive notification that they reached the second round of judging.

Works will be judges by the board for quality as well as the strength of the heroine. These will be turned over to a council of five judges to pick 1st through 3rd places. Judges will be looking for originality and literary merit.

The first place winner will receive $50 and their story and author interview will be posted on our website.

Second and third place winners do not have a monetary prize, but their stories will also be posted on the website.

Send all entries to legendarywomeninc@gmail.com.


If you have other questions or need clarifications, please feel free to e-mail mbates@legendarywomen.org

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