October 27, 2012

Review: Shattered Mirror

Shattered Mirror
Shattered Mirror by Amelia Atwater Rhodes
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 227
Release Date: September 11, 2001
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Book Description:

To the casual observer, Christopher Ravena and Sarah Vida look like normal high school students. But he’s a vampire who has sworn off human blood, and she’s a witch, a daughter of the most powerful vampire-hunting dynasty in history. 

Slowly, without meaning to, Sarah finds herself won over by his sensitivity, his gentleness, his kindness.

But his past and her future collide when they both get tangled up with Nikolas, one of the most reviled vampires ever.

♥ ♥ ♥

Cold as ice; strong as stone;
She faced the darkness all alone.
A silver goddess; a reflection
A mirage; a recollection.
No return; no turning back.
The past is gone, the future, black.
Serpents gather in their nest.
And she stands above the rest.
Shadows hunt; she hunts the shadow.
The moon is risen; she stands below.
She views her world through the eyes of others.
Black and white; there are no colors,
As she looks down upon a shattered youth.
A shattered mirror shows a shattered truth.

-Nikolas, Shattered Mirror.

I forgot how much I loved this book. How I don’t know. I love Christopher or Kristopher, either way you want to spell it, though Kristopher is from his people killing days. Sarah Vida, youngest daughter of Dominique Vida the head of the witchy vampire hunters, is awesome. Her Mother moves her and her sister out of the city to a quiet town to keep them out of trouble, but of course Sarah finds trouble because that’s just who she is.

I love her character. Amelia Atwater Rhodes, author of Shattered Mirror, does an amazing job of making Sarah both a strong, prideful, determined, and brave, but at the same time she has this underlining vulnerability that I love. She isn’t perfect and that’s one of the reason’s she’s so relatable. Her Mother is constantly pushing her and in Sarah’s eyes her sister is practically perfect. There is so much to live up to in her family, so she is constantly trying to prove she’s just as good as everyone else.

We can all relate to that. Pride is so a human folly. Toss aside the family issues and throw her into school cue meeting Christopher, god I adore him. He draws her pictures and writes her poetry. I was let him bite me just for that, even though technically he doesn’t feed from people anymore. He’s like a vampire vegetarian. It’s sweet.

I never really like to give too much away with reviews on Rhodes’s books because they are always so good and I feel like you need to read them to get the full effect. It’s incredibly sad how the second I start her book despite the time of day it sucks me in so much so that I get through it in one sitting without any breaks.

It’s like I literally can’t get the pages to turn fast enough. She captures me and I find I’m powerless to resist the enticing world she’s created. I will however give you a rundown of my emotions throughout this 227 page book.


One Tree Hill

How I Met Your Mother


I urge you to get this book and read it; you’ll love it I know you will. Christopher, Nikolas, Sarah they are all spellbinding and the way Rhodes’s novels all sort of tie into each other because they’re all part of the same world is awesome. Sometimes it even gives you insights into characters from other stories. But seriously, check it out you won’t be disappointed.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

I grew up in Concord, Massachusetts, where I matriculated through the public Concord-Carlisle school district from kindergarten until my graduation in 2001. The best part of school, from fifth grade until the year I graduated, was definitely chorus. I love music, and I love to sing, and though I never had the courage or the talent to participate in any of the high school plays as a performer, I enjoyed being involved at other levels; the music and drama community at CCHS was the highlight of my high school career. I was also on the fencing team for two years, an experience that actually inspired a couple storylines, and regret that I did not continue with that sport.

I now live in Massachusetts with several pets... as well as, of course, my family. I am a student at the University of Massachusetts, with an English/psychology double-major. I hope to work either as an English teacher at the secondary level, or in special education. I have strong opinions about literacy, education, and how our educational systems are treated- strong enough that most of my friends know not to get me started on the subject.

My non-writing hobbies are eclectic, and cover everything from rather domestic pastimes like cross-stitch and cooking to aquarium keeping, playing piano, gardening, carpentry, Harley-Davidsons, driving, and arguing- there are few things I enjoy more than a good debate with someone who knows how to argue, which might have something to do with a best friend who works in politics. I love to learn, so if I have down-time and nothing to do, it is not at all unusual to find me pouring over some book, website or video designed to teach me some new skill, from belly dancing (something I desperately want to learn but have not yet been brave enough to sign up for classes on) to JavaScript.

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  1. Oh nice! Rhodes was my first vampire book over 10 years ago now! I read Demon in my View first, or maybe In the Forests of the Night, but I LOOOOVED Demon in My View! This one was definitely my second fave!

    Great review!

  2. @Jessica@a GREAT read Mine too! I love her books to death I re-read them all the time! Haha I'm obsessed. I will forever love her.

    Demon in my View is my favorite in the Den of Shadows, but I love the others too! :)


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