April 7, 2013

Author Spotlight: Jessica Kong

I'd like to thank fellow Jersey girl Jessica Kong for stopping by and talking with us a little bit about her book A Lost Kitten and writing.

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Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know you wanted to be a writer?

The first time I dabbled in writing was during my High School years, when I was a fan girl for the then popular boy group. My fantasies were overflowing, and I wanted to share them with my girlfriends, so I started to write them down. It was mostly for fun and only lasted a few months.

 The second time I picked up a pen to write a story was during my college years to escape my stress. Again, nothing had happened since I had an English teacher that was not the greatest motivator around, and I was naive enough to believe everything he said. But it seems that my overactive imagination would not be denied.

What inspired A Lost Kitten

In one of Anne Rice’s novels, there was a scene where the main female character encountered a ghost/demon. It had left both a positive and negative impression on me. I started toying with different scenarios in my head. Wanting to keep my connection to the Royal Family of Sea-anan and my science fiction theme, I ventured off with one of the characters and ended up on planet Surreal.

Which came first for you, the characters or the plot? 

The characters definitely come first for me. They then tell me what happens in their life.

Is there anything you found particularly challenging when you were writing A Lost Kitten

My main female character is a ghost. I had to somehow return her to normal and keep each step in her transformation plausible. I believe I succeeded.

If you could be one of your characters from any of your books, who would you chose? 

Without even thinking, I would be Areo. She is the main character in my next book, A Forgotten Kitten. Why? Areo is a tuff cookie. She is strong, both physically and magically. She is the Queen of Sea-anan, but she is as humble as they come. She cares a great deal about her followers, friends, and family. She would go out of her way to help them and protect them. I just love everything about her.

When writing A Lost Kitten, was there anyone or anything specific that inspired the character John McCall? 

John is the combination of the men in my life, and what I believe a man should be.

In your opinion what three words best describe Jasira Eversole? 

 Responsible. Independent. Passionate.


Coffee or Tea?

Coffee fanatic. My coffee cup is a large beer mug.

Milk chocolate or Dark?

Dark. It’s richer, tastier, and healthier.

Favorite novel and why?

Johanna Lindsey’s book, “Savage Thunder”. The main male character, Colt, was the strong, silent, passionate type. He has stayed with me since I read the story over twenty years ago.

Hard copy books or e-books? Why?

I prefer hard copy. I associate it with quality and prestige.

What kind of weather do you write best in?

My kids say I’m a vampire. I write best in the dark, especially at night. The weather has no impact on my writing.

Favorite author and why?

Johanna Lindsey for making me fall in love with romances. Christine Feehan for converting me into a paranormal romance reader.

If you could turn one book or series into films, what would you pick and who would you cast as the main characters?

 I would love to see Christine Feehan’s Dark Series on the big screen. And I would definitely try to find extremely attractive men and women actors to fit all the main vampire roles.

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Author Bio:

Jessica A. Kong lives in Somerset, New Jersey with her loving husband of 21 yrs. and teenage triplets. She is an avid reader of fantasy, futuristic and paranormals. When she is not reading she enjoys puzzles, crocheting, and playing video games.

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