April 7, 2013

Promotional Event: A Lost Kitten

A Lost Kitten by Jessica Kong
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: August 7, 2012
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Book Description:

Seacat John McCall labels the attack on the Sea-anan Empire as a nightmare. He escapes the enemy’s invasion, only to find himself stranded on a distant planet called Surreal. Tormented by thoughts of his family being massacred or captured by the enemy, he focuses on returning to aid them until he experiences a mind-boggling kiss that can only come from the one he is meant to share his life with. To ease the terror he feels for his family, John seeks the identity of his secret admirer. He quickly learns the true meaning of nightmare when he discovers his soul mate is of “the mist.”

Jasira Eversole is drawn to the powerfully built outlander sitting at the king’s table. Unable to resist the need to see him again, she enters the warrior’s room while he sleeps. John’s rugged good looks and chiseled body compel Jasira to reach out and touch him. Being of the mist, Jasira knows she will not be able to feel John, but she cannot resist his pull. The richness of John’s hair, the firmness of his muscles, and the clean scent of his skin all take Jasira off guard. She swiftly realizes John is her intended mate. Now, Jasira must somehow convince the young warrior that they are two halves of one soul without chasing him off Surreal, leaving her to a lonely existence as mist.

♥ ♥ ♥


Desperate to get out of the cold, John tried the front door. It was open. He entered and closed the door behind him. The fragrance in the room placed a smirk on his face. He made his way down an aisle. The wearer of the perfume must have been there before him. Who was she? What did she look like? Was she as attractive as the scent?

John sat in the seat between the two teachers’ desks. He compared the large room to those in his culture’s past history. He felt like he had stepped back in time. The entire city had an Old World appearance, except for the sectioned-off area outside the walls that was designated for spaceships.

While he sat on the small bench, the coldness that plagued him gradually subsided to a cozy warmness that wrapped around him, as did the pervasive scent of vanilla. The warmness grew as a new sensation gripped him. It felt like someone was combing her fingers through his hair.

John passed his fingers through his short hair. He rubbed his scalp. The sensation continued. He glanced around. There was no one in the classroom. He stared at the clean blackboards. He knew he should feel afraid, but strangely, the invisible fingers had a soothing affect on his tight nerves.

John closed his eyes and deeply inhaled the aura in the room. One by one, his coiled, aching muscles relaxed. Those magical fingers lowered to his shoulders, pressing into his muscles. His head dipped forward while they massaged the tension from his shoulders. John felt the stress leaving him—a first since the attack. He sat there enjoying the massage.

Jasira was beside herself with joy. She could not believe she was able to touch this beautiful man. To be given a mate was more than she had dared to hope for, but here he was. Solid and real. And extremely stressed, by the look on his face.

It was recess. Two teachers were outside with the class of sixty while Jasira remained indoors, preparing for the next lesson. When she had glanced up from her papers, she had been startled to see John’s face by the window, peering into the room. She had watched him enter. She could see the strain on his handsome face. She wished she could speak to him, learn of his problems, ease his suffering. But for now, all she could do was try to ease his tension by massaging his shoulders.

She heard an odd sound. Jasira realized it was coming from John. She smiled. It seemed he enjoyed her touch. She leaned her hips against his back and placed more force behind her hands. The sound coming from John intensified.

He could not help himself. The purr escaped him. The feeling was enjoyable. There was a slight pressure and increased heat against his spine. It felt like a body. John again glanced behind him. No one was there. Weird, he thought.

Since the classroom was the only place he could find that was warm, he decided to stay for a while. Taking a deep breath, John placed his arms on the desk. He lowered his head onto his forearms.

The pressure on his spine indeed felt like a body—a woman’s body. His purrs deepened. His thoughts drifted off to another place, a more pleasant place. A place where there was no war, only a beautiful woman massaging him.

Strong fingers traveled along his spine. John clenched his jaw and curved his back slightly, hoping to press her more firmly to him. If it were not for how soothed and relaxed he felt, he would think the classroom was haunted.

Ten stress-free minutes passed before his mind considered the possibility more seriously. His slow-paced heart picked up speed. His closed eyes opened. He stared at the wooden desk beneath his arms. He focused his senses on the pleasurable feelings. It definitely felt like a small body was pressed against his back while small, strong hands rubbed and molded his shoulders and upper back. It felt real. Very, very real.

John jumped from his seat, knocking the bench over. It dropped onto its side, going through Jasira’s legs. He whirled around, thinking there was actually someone behind him. He saw no one, only a large empty classroom. He scanned the room while he tried to calm his racing heart. It dawned on him that the massage had stopped. Something was not right.

Jasira looked at John with sadness. If only he could see her, then perhaps she would not have to see the fear in his eyes, placed there by her need to soothe him. Unexpectedly, John moved through her and hurried to the front doors. Jasira watched her kindred soul exit her classroom without opening the door. She released a soft cry. She raced to the front doors, through them, and paused in the middle of the dirt road. She spotted John rushing toward the castle. How did he go through a solid door? He was not mist. She knew he was special, but this went beyond anything she had expected.

Jasira wanted to go after him. She understood why John ran off. She did not blame him. If their situations were reversed, she would have done the same. If only she could speak to him, she would explain everything. Unfortunately, she could not. The only thing she could do was be more careful. She did not want to scare him away permanently. However, what she saw him do demanded answers. She knew of only one person who could uncover them. Herself.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

Jessica A. Kong lives in Somerset, New Jersey with her loving husband of 21 yrs. and teenage triplets. She is an avid reader of fantasy, futuristic and paranormals. When she is not reading she enjoys puzzles, crocheting, and playing video games.

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