June 25, 2013

Promotional Event: The End of Athens

The End of Athens by Anthony Karakai
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: May 2, 2013
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Book Description:

In the year 2091, humans have lost the ability to dream. After decades of financial and social depression, dreams and aspirations have become a recessive gene—an impossibility of the modern mind.

Greece is one of the worst social and economic disaster zones, and all hope of a better future has been lost. 

One young man, Nikos, discovers that he is not like everybody else—there is something different about him.

Believing that he may be going crazy, he soon discovers that he is the only person in Greece who has inherited the ability to dream. 

Time is running out as the government continues its tirade of corruption and suppression against the people, and Nikos must find a way to teach others how to dream so that once more society can free itself from the shackles of mental slavery.

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Inspiration For My Writing

Inspiration for my writing is derived largely from two elements: travel and social construct. For travel, it is my aim to inspire those who wish to go somewhere far and away from the big city noise, to take that first step. I want to share the beautiful experiences I’ve had with the reader, so that they too can get a glimpse, and a feeling, of what it feels like to have a moment in time when life feels like magic.

It could be a walk up an alleyway in Granada, a ride through the Greek countryside or the people you meet, who make you realise that by not travelling, you are missing out on a life of absolute awe and love.

Often, I think about human behaviour and why people live the way they do. Some people seem so caught up in attaining material possessions, money and social status, as though this will somehow make them feel good about themselves. I’ve travelled a lot and been through a lot, and at the other end I can assure you that wants are an illusion, and simplicity is king. I identify with Buddhism for this reason.

The inspiration behind my writing is to share the wonders of the world in travel, while asking the penetrating questions which may need to be targeted to alleviate a life of unnecessary congestion. I want to connect with people’s deepest thoughts and questions, and if my words can assist them in finding happiness, then I have accomplished my goal.

My parents gave me the gift of travel when I turned 18, and it has by far been the most important education I have received. It eclipses school and college. My understanding of what’s important in life came from this- chiefly, that the pursuit of money is not the answer.

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Author Bio:

Anthony Michael Karakai was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is a dual citizen of Hungary. Holding an International Business degree, he is also a qualified percussionist and music producer, having studied music extensively since the age of seven. Working in journalism, his work has been published in various magazines and websites. With an insatiable appetite for travel and an eagerness to explore off the beaten path, Karakai travels at every opportunity- his travels and ongoing commitment to exploring the world are what inspires him to write.

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