September 8, 2013

Review: Alpha Gene

Alpha Gene by Angel M. Huerta
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Science Fiction
Release Date: June 29, 2013
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Book Description:

“If you add imagination to the equation, then anything is possible.”

Ever since he was a young boy, he´s been fascinated by the 10 percent theory; that one that speaks about how humans only use an effective 10 percent of the brain´s full capacity. 

Now a successful scientist, Doctor Lucas McKenna, has the time and means to pursue his research on developing a strain that could activate the rest of the brain matter that presumably lies asleep.

But the sudden death of his long time friend and partner, and the fact that he´s accused of his murder, takes him on an unexpected journey into the small town of Temple Ville, where he learns nature´s plan for evolution is already on the way.

A new generation is here, loaded with super talents! Telekinesis, mind reading, invisibility, super strength, healing miracles and much more!

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Alpha Gene follows the story of five kids who use more than 10 percent of their brain function due to a genetic anomaly called the Alpha Gene, nature’s way of naturally evolving human beings as a species. I have to say I really enjoyed the premise of this book. While I would have liked to see more point of views from the kids, all in all the whole concept was incredibly intriguing.

Most of the books I tend to read revolve around romances, which was why I was surprised when I enjoyed this so much. But the thought that there are people who are using more than ten percent of their brains and have powers because of it is just awesome. The five kids, Peter, Tommy, GG, Annie and Sophie, all have very different gifts and their own set of triggers to make their gifts work.

I like how Doc helps the kids develop their gift while still studying them, but not in a creepy scientist way. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but I have to say that Peter is probably my favorite character, not just his gift, which I think is awesome, but he’s a genuinely good person. I love how he’s always trying to help his friends and how he isn’t afraid to stand up to bullies.

There’s a pretty big twist in this story that comes towards the end of the book and it really show cases how each character has grown through the process of the story. I definitely think if the mind fascinates you Alpha Gene is a great story to read!

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Author Bio:

Angel M. Huerta was born in Monterrey, México in 1977. He began his professional career as a Screenwriter and Film Director in the year 2000 with the film “Inspiración” (20th century fox). He soon wrote and directed his second film, “Seres: Génesis” (Corazón Films). Seres: Génesis became the first Sci-Fi super production in Mexico´s history.

He currently lives in Burbank, California and continues to work in the film industry. Alpha Gene is his first book.

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