January 25, 2014

Review: Beneath Manhattan Skies

Beneath Manhattan Skies by Emma Meade
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: November 2013
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Book Description:

November in New York is cold but full of possibility for college freshman Erin Harris. When her twin brother, Nick, shows up on her doorstep for a surprise visit, Erin is delighted. 

Unfortunately, Nick’s arrival coincides with the discovery of a body outside her apartment building, a body drained of blood. Right away, Nick assumes vampires are involved. He’s not exactly their biggest fan since Erin dated one in high school.

Juggling nosy roommates, a first date with a gorgeous guy from college and a brother on a Van Helsing kick is enough to keep any nineteen year old girl busy - And then Erin’s old flame walks back into her life.

Is Erin destined to be caught up in supernatural shenanigans, or will she choose a different path?

(A 45,000 word Novella)

♥ ♥ ♥

When I first started reading the novella, "Beneath Manhattan Skies" by Emma Meade, I had no idea that it was actually the sequel to her previous book, "Under the Desert Moon.” The only reason why I actually found out that it was a Part 2 was because I got curious about the in depth back story tidbits that were scattered throughout the first chapters. It seemed like our main character, Erin, had definitely lived a life before this story, and once I researched further, I found out that it was actually a sequel.

The fact that I did have to do research once I was already a few chapters in goes to show that this novella could stand alone. Even though I had inkling there was more to Erin's story, I was still able to enjoy "Beneath Manhattan Skies" like it was a book all on its own. Those quick tidbits that explained details from the first book were enough that I was able to understand what had gone on in Erin's hometown when she first met the vampire James.

It may help that this novella takes place at a new point in Erin's life than the previous one. In "Under the Desert Moon," she still lives in her hometown and is a high school student when she is first introduced to the world of vampires. However, "Beneath the Manhattan Skies" takes place once Erin has moved to New York for college and now has new friends to go along with the new location. Since we are able to see her starting a new life, it's easier to jump into the story, even if we are coming a bit late to the party.

This was an enjoyable read for me. It was fun, quick, and easy, making me read through it in only one day. Instead of bogging the reader down with tons of back story information, Meade is able to start the action off right away and keeps it going through to the end. "Beneath the Manhattan Skies" is something that's hard to turn away from until you know how everything is going to end and the problem at hand is settled.

There's even a love triangle building, and we all know what a fan I am of those. Erin is torn between her new (human) friend Tommy and her vampire lover from the previous book, James. Obviously I had to pick a side and in this particular triangle I was on the human side (which is weird for me, since I'm usually rooting for the supernatural in these types of stories). I was Team Tommy through and through and hope that they can be happy if there are further books down the road. Maybe my side would be different if I had read "Under the Desert Moon" and knew James and his and Emma's love story better, but Tommy definitely took my heart in "Beneath the Manhattan Skies".

This is a story I recommend to anyone who is looking for something fun and easy. The characters were developed and likable, the action was intense, and the motivations were believable. I liked it so much that I actually think that I might take a look at "Under the Desert Moon" to see how it all started.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author Bio:

Emma Meade writes paranormal fiction.
She lives in rainy Ireland and loves all things supernatural. Stephen King's The Stand is one of her most loved books and she's lost count of the number of times she's read L.J. Smith's trilogy, The Forbidden Game.

Books, DVDS & TV show boxsets take up lots of space in her home and she collects all the Point Horror books she can get her hands on.

She is not ashamed to admit that Dirty Dancing and Twilight make her top ten movie list but wishes to point out that The Last of the Mohicans, Reality Bites, Dead Poets Society, Stand by Me and The Goonies are in there too.

Writing supernatural stories & watching marathon re-runs of Buffy are some of her favourite ways of escaping reality.

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