January 25, 2014

TV Review: The Vampire Diaries

Channel: The CW
Day and Time: Thursdays at 8/7 EST
Release Date: October 3, 2013
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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is the story of two vampire brothers, obsessed with the same girl, in a small town where supernatural beings live in secret amongst its residents. Season Four begins with the knowledge that everything is in transition. Elena faces her worst nightmare when she awakens after the accident and finds she must now endure the terrifying transition to become a vampire – or face certain death.

Stefan and Damon are torn even further apart over how to help Elena adjust to a life she never wanted, and everyone has to cope with the chaos Alaric created when he outed the vampires and their supporters to the Mystic Falls Council and local church leaders. season five begins, Damon and Elena have spent a blissful summer in love, unaware that Silas is free and Stefan has been suffering agonizing pain every day for months.

Damon believes Stefan is staying away because it would be too painful for him to see Damon and Elena as a couple, but Elena can’t escape the uneasy feeling that Stefan needs their help. While Elena is reluctant to leave Damon and Jeremy, she is also thrilled to be heading off to a new start at nearby Whitmore College with Caroline as her roommate. Still unaware that Bonnie is dead, Elena and Caroline are waiting for their friend to join them at college. Jeremy is the only one who can see and talk to Bonnie who is trapped on the Other Side.

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To die, but not before some scandalous behavior!!!

It's the 100th episode of TVD and Katherine's dying!!! Or is she? I'm on the West coast so you know I couldn't resist twitter and looking at pics and vids of tonight's ep. Let me just say when I'm a fan of a fandom I'm die hard. Keep ya head Klaroline fans. It ain't over till the fat lady sings and I'm not on yodeling!!!

"500 Years of Solitude" 01/23/14 - Review by Helena E. Eseloma

Katherine while coding in the hospital dreams flashes back to being pregnant and going into labor. Her mother delivers a baby girl and Katherine wants to hold her. But before her mother can give her the baby, Katherine's father takes the child away. She pleads with him to let her hold the child just once, but he doesn't comply. Katherine cries into her mother's arms. Nadia shows up at the hospital and Stefan tells her there's nothing they can do for her mother. Katherine's organs are shutting so he's compelled the staff to let him take her back to the boarding house.

Elena lies in bed, miserable over her break-up with Damon. Matt and Jeremy arrive at The Grill to find Damon passed out at the bar. Caroline and Bonnie come barging in with break-up breakfast.

Jeremy tells Matt, Damon dumped Elena and Matt is like, "Who spends two years pining after a girl to dump her?"

Damon is listening, "I can hear you dumb ass," sits up and pours himself another shot.

Caroline is pouring champagne in a glass and Bonnie is asking Elena, "So that's it? You're just giving up?" Caroline is ecstatic, "As she should. I mean he did say, and I quote I am a bad person. I am bad for you and I am choosing to let you go." She offers Elena the mimosa and she actually takes it.

I totally adore Caroline. She doesn't let anything keep her down and won't let Elena drown in her own misery like she wants to. Stefan calls Damon he doesn't answer. He calls Elena and Caroline answers. Everyone heads to the boarding house. Damon is pouring shots and he explains the rules to Jeremy and Matt.

For every bad thing Katherine has done to you, you make a toast with a shot, to the glory of her impending death. The girls arrive. Elena tells Jeremy he's cut off and takes the shot out of Damon's hand. They aren't the only three drinking to Katherine's last days. They are all remembering Katherine's dastardly deeds and drinking. I'm not going to tell you each one because there's a lot. Matt stands up to go get more booze. Elena says Katherine tried to kill her at least twice.

Caroline trumps her, "She did kill me. Although I'm really better off." Yes you are Caroline. So much better. Katherine is talking to Stefan she knows the Mystic Falls scooby gang are talking about her. He says they're reminiscing. She's fine with it thinking she deserves everything they are saying. She's fascinated with her hand and asks Stefan if it looks wrinkled. He says it looks fine. "If I start to sag anywhere you take a knife and you jam it into my carotid artery immediately." She makes him promise and he does.

Smiling at her he tells her even on her death bed she's vain. "If a girl's got to go might as well be glamorous right?" Damn straight Katherine. Us girls have to look fierce in anything we do even death. She just keeps looking at her hand and swears she sees an age spot. Stefan holds her hand and says there isn't one. Katherine wonders why he is being so nice to her. I guess after all this time she still doesn't know this man, she supposedly loved?

He tells she's dying and that he can muster up some compassion for her. She doesn't say anything back to him. Matt is in the cellar looking for more booze when Nadia shows up and knocks him out. The others are still going on about Katherine when Stefan comes downstairs and tells them to knock it off. Damon tells him not to let a dying Katherine get to him and offers him a shot, which he takes. Stefan tells his own tale, but reminds them that she once a young girl, shunned by her family and for 500 years she did what she had to do to survive and that's the girl he is toasting today.

Damon is not happy with his little brother and mentions him having hot sex with her and now he's brainwashed. Oh I love it because Caroline didn't tell anyone and Elena is dumbfounded by this revelation. Both Elena and Bonnie are like WHAT and Caroline says, "Oh my. I forgot to tell you. You were kidnapped and hostaged and....." WHATEVER Elena. Stefan is a grown a$$ man and can do what or whomever he wants. I am so glad it was Katherine though. Stefan mentions the bottles empty.

Damon stands up, "That's why you never send a busboy to do a man's job." He turns to go and sees Nadia standing there. "Hey Caroline did you remember to tell Elena that." Uh no she didn't Damon and I am loving how Elena is so not in the loop right now. Elena tells Nadia that Katherine is upstairs, but Nadia say she's here to see all of them. She's found a way to save her mother and she needs their help. Of course Damon is not down with that at all. He says even Stefan knows he would kick his ass from there to Kentucky if he helped. He looks around the crowd and says no volunteers.

Nadia anticipated this much and informs them that she buried Matt in Stefan's old safe he spent the summer drowning in without his ring somewhere on the property. Got to love a daughter willing to do anything for her mother. The two to help Nadia are Stefan and Elena. She brings them to some abandoned house. They want her to free Matt since they came, but she says Matt will be released when she gets what she needs. Which is a traveller. In order for Katherine to live she must become a passenger inside someone else and needs a traveller to teach her. Elena brings up Gregor, Nadia's dead boyfriend, who was a traveller and whom Katherine killed. Elena asks why is Nadia helping to save Katherine again. Stefan jumps to Katherine's defense and Elena is none to happy to hear him do that especially knowing the two slept together, again.

They are about to go into the house and Elena says they are just suppose to let Katherine take over some one's life. Nadia says not just any one's life, mine. She's going to let her be a passenger in her body. Neither Elena or Stefan have anything to say about that. Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy are walking onto the grounds of the boarding house to look for Matt. Caroline turns to them, "Hello is no one going to comment on that fact that Stefan slept with Katherine? I mean that's kind of a big deal." Jeremy comes to Stefan's defense by saying they've all slept with their share of bad choices.

Bonnie gets this bewildered look on her face and says out loud, "No offense taken." Jeremy reassures her she isn't one of his bad choices. Caroline hearing this figures out what they are talking about. "Bonnie Bennett! Wait did you two? And you didn't tell me!" Bonnie's says she didn't think she was obligated.

I guess being dead made her forget bff status quo. "Of course you are obligated. you're my best friend. OMG does Elena know that her little brother?" Both Bonnie and Jeremy answer with a resounding no. 

Caroline is just cracking me up with her reaction. "Scandalous sex, even better. God I am the only person on the planet not having scandalous sex?" Oh sweet Caroline if you only knew what was coming...Jeremy suggests they split up and Bonnie is only happy to agree and they leave Caroline to go her way and them theirs.

Katherine is dreaming again this time of her murdered family. She is crying over her dead mother's body when Damon invades her dream. he has nothing nice to say. He misses Klaus and the way he use to torture her. She closes her eyes to him telling him to get out of her head. He wants her to remind how her family died, but she already knows the story. He re-tells it to her anyway.

Klaus was going to kill her in a blood sacrifice. Only being who she was, she ran for the hills. Only to return and find her family had been massacred. Damon tells Katherine it's her fault her family is dead. She starts to wake up and Sheriff Forbes finds Damon standing over Katherine with a pillow. She orders him to put it down and he begrudgingly does. She tells him if he kills her it's murder and she would have to bring him in, lock him up and there's all that paperwork. She really doesn't want to be bothered with that.

Damon shares with Liz that he blames Katherine for all the awful things he's done. She ruined him and he can't take any of it back. Liz tells him Katherine still has control and to prove her wrong. Caroline is calling out for Matt. when she gets a surprise of her own.

The Klaroline shippers have been waiting for the reunion for 8 months. She stops in tracks looking ahead.

"Hello Caroline." There Klaus Mikaelson is in all his big, bad, hybrid glory.

"Klaus?" Caroline doesn't make eye contact. When she finally does he's just watching her with that famous smirk of his.

Stefan and Elena enter the abandoned house with Nadia. Another woman comes out of hiding, Mia. Nadia struck a deal with her and the price was doppelgangers. Nadia flashes away with Mia. Stefan and Elena can't leave the house because their daylight rings aren't working. All around them are people chanting and they are backed into a corner to stay out of the sunlight.

Caroline steps closer to Klaus, "Sorry Matt's buried alive no time to chat." She flashes away.

Klaus continues to smirk at her antics and follows. "Are you not even the least bit curious as to why I am here?'

"I literally just whooshed at the sight of your face. So no."

"Damon informed me that Katerina Petrova has taken a tragic turn."

"So you're here to gloat over her corpse to be. To delight in the closure of 500 years of revenge. Great. Now I'm even less interested." Again Caroline gives chase with the whooshing away, but Klaus still smirking showing those dimples is not deterred. This time he ends up in front of her with a hand up to surrender.

"Well then perhaps you'll be more interested in talking about Tyler?"

Caroline looks at him thinking she knows what he's going to say, but she asks him instead. "Is he.....Did you....." She shakes herself of her nervousness and Klaus in his nonchalant confidence tells her, "No I sent him off with little more then a bruised ego. Though he really does hate me poor lad. Revenge, it eats at him. I hear you two broke up?" He is just happy as can be about that bit of information.

Caroline gives him that 'really' look. I really love Klaus!!! "Because I made him choose. Me or his stupid revenge fantasy. He chose wrong. I suggest that you learn from his mistakes and let Katherine die in peace. Dying sucks enough as it is. Don't need to rub any one's nose in it." Klaus is looking a bit serious.

Caroline flashes away this time Klaus waits.

Liz brought sedatives for Katherine, but she doesn't want them. They make her weak she says and Damon can get in her head. She inquires about Matt. Or if he's heard anything from Elena. Damon tells Liz that he's not on speaking terms with Elena right now and Katherine put he two cents in. "Haven't you heard Sheriff? He was so afraid to dirty her white dove feathers that he let her little wings fly free. It was all my fault. oops."

She smiles at Damon and he in turn takes one of the syringes and plunges into Katherine's arm. Here eyes close and she's dreaming again. She's on a road in Mystic Falls where she sees Stefan for the first time. She tells Damon that's the real story of her meeting his brother. She didn't want to believe in the prophecy about the doppelgangers, but when she saw Stefan that day she couldn't explain it and thinks it was fate.

Stefan and Elena are forced to drain their blood into buckets. Caroline is still searching for Matt in the woods and is calling out to him. She stops to listen with her vampire hearing when Klaus reappears and asks, "Would you give me the same the choice?"

Caroline turns around to face him. "What?"

"Were I to abandon my revenge against Katerina would you offer me the same choice as Tyler?"

Caroline shakes her head. "I don't know what you mean?"

Klaus slowly approaches her. "Yes you do." Here comes that smirk that just fills his whole face with mischief.

Caroline clearly knows what he's talking about, but acts like she doesn't want to give in and smiling all the while. "You can't do this to me. You can't just show up and distract me while my friend is in danger." Klaus can't help look happy as all hell with Caroline.

"You know while you've been vamping off in all the wrong directions I heard Matt's distant and desperate screams." 

"Where?" Caroline is concerned, but Klaus just continues to smile and isn't worried about Matt.

"Don't worry love I've got it covered. Trust me he'll be quite happy with his rescuer." Caroline looks at Klaus determining he's telling the truth. I just have to say that I am so glad that Joseph Morgan made his way to America. He totally rocks as Klaus. The safe is opened and Matt gets up breathing hard. He's looking around not seeing anyone.

He turns around and see Rebekah Mikaelson.  "I'm not gone three months and look at the trouble you're in." Matt has this huge grin and is relieved. They smile at each other. I really like these two. Missed opportunity? I think so.

Katherine is dreaming again this time of Jenna. Who she made stab herself and now returns the favor. Damon is there again taunting her with more images of John Gilbert, who's fingers she sliced off. Then Elijah Mikaelson comes to her rescue. Katherine enjoys the sight of him. He smiles at her calls her Katerina. She reaches to touch his face and says you're here. Sadly it's just an illusion. Damon is the one sitting there with her. He mocks her telling her Elijah was not real and that no one is coming to say good-bye. Unfortunately for Damon, Nadia does come back and breaks his neck.

Stefan tells Elena it's a good thing he isn't claustrophobic anymore and she realizes that is what Katherine helped him with. She wants to hate her anyway and Stefan says that's fine, but he doesn't. He knows he should, but he keeps rooting for her to find peace. He goes on to tell her not to give up on Damon.

The chanting stops and their wounds heal. They take this as a sign to leave. Nadia tells Katherine to repeat the spell so she understands how the spell works, but she can't. She tells Nadia that letting her father rip her from her arms was the biggest regret of her life. She should've fought harder to keep her, but she didn't. She spent the next 500 years making sure she never made that mistake again. She fought for everything and in the process she had a long, full life and got to know my beautiful daughter. You spent the last centuries searching for me. Don't waste another minute. It's your turn to live."

Nadia doesn't accept that and won't watch her die.

Caroline and Klaus are walking along side by side. "So the quarterback has been saved. What now?" Klaus inquires.

"Don't you have a dying girl to go punish for all of her sins?" Caroline is still trying to keep the distance.

"I do, but I won't for you." Klaus knows exactly what to say and how to say it to Caroline. She turns to him trying not to believe his words.

"So you came all the way to Mystic Falls just to back off when I ask you to?"

"No I came all the way to Mystic Falls to gloat over a corpse to be as you so poetically put it," Caroline is just giddy over his repeating of her own words, "but I will leave minus the gloating in return for one small thing."

They stop and Caroline has to turn around to face him because she was ahead. "And what is that?"

Klaus is straight faced watching her. "I want your confession."

Caroline looks at him, 'like what is you talking?' "My confession. I didn't do anything." She slightly laughs at his question and Klaus just smiles at her answer. "Confession about what?"

"Me." Klaus definitely doesn't have a confidence problem. It is definitely getting serious now with Klaroline. "As soon as we're done here I'm going to walk away and I'm never coming back. You'll never again have to look me in the eyes and cover our connection with hostility and revulsion. You'll never have to loathe the darkest parts of yourself that care for me in spite of all I've done. I will be gone and you will be free. I just want you to be honest with me." No one gets emotional like the big bad hybrid.

Caroline looks to be in turmoil. I'm guessing because Klaus is right about her feelings for him. "I'm in college. I'm building a life for myself. I have plans and a future and things that I want none of those things involve you ok. None of them" Way to hurt the guy Caroline. 

"I see." Klaus says that so low you can hardly hear him.

"No you don't. Because yes I cover our connection with hostility. Because yes I hate myself for the truth. So if you promise to walk away like you said and never come back then yes I will be honest with you. I will be honest with you about what I want." I think Klaus might've just been surprised that Caroline took him up on his offer to get her confession. He is all business at the moment.

"I will walk away and I will never come back I promise." There's a glint in his eye and the form of a smirk on his lips that doesn't make me believe him, in a good way. You have got to just watch these scenes people. No matter how I write them up I can never do complete justice to Klaroline. Caroline moves slowly into his space. She's looking at his lips then into his eyes and softly says, "Good." Her lips capture his in the long awaited Klaroline kiss. Let me repeat myself.

You have got to watch the Klaroline scenes for yourself because I just can't do them justice with words. They stop for a moment as if vampires need to breath and look at one another. Caroline holds him close with her palm and Klaus is beyond bliss knowing he's got his Caroline even if it's only for a little while. Caroline just gleams with joy as she stares back at him. In a flash he has Caroline up against a tree, but neither stop kissing. They can't take each other's clothes off fast enough. Klaus rips her camisole off like it's nothing and they continue with this 'confession'.

Stefan return home to see Damon just getting up off the floor. He just leaves not wanting to hear a lecture. Stefan sits with Katherine and says he's here to say bye. She wants to see him and he says she will and closes her eyes. Katherine in back in her family's home, but it is Stefan there with her now. She tells him Damon already had fun with this one and that it was the worst day of her life. She agrees with Damon that it is her fault they died and deserves everything that has happened to her.

She doesn't deserve to be loved. Stefan gets her to let him into her mind and he gives her the peace he thinks she seeks and tells her she was a seventeen year old girl none of what happened was her fault. She here's a baby cry and goes toward the sound. A light shows she stays asleep. Elena arrives and asks if she's gone. Stefan and Damon talking outside. Stefan tells him not to let Elena go. Damon is trying to the right thing and Stefan just gives him a look.

Damon tells him when he gets Elena back and the whole universe freaks out because the fated doppelgangers are torn apart he wants Stefan to remember he was the one to talk him out of doing the right thing. Stefan just smiles and says ok.

Caroline comes through the door and Matt asks where has she been. She's picking out a leaf in her hair zipping up her jacket then answers the woods, she got lost. Boy did she. lol She sits down and asks what they are doing. Jeremy says they're waiting for Katherine to bite it. Matt changes the subject and asks Bonnie about being the anchor. She explains what she feels and he asks if she's sees anyone he knows and she does see Vicky she just doesn't talk about it. Vicky shows up and tells Bonnie to tell him she loves him and is watching out for him as Rebekah's parting gift to Matt.

The two friends hug it out. He says hey Care and she says hi back keeping cool. Stefan and Damon join the party. Alaric shows up too and says for them to lay off the booze, but only Bonnie and Jeremy can hear and see him. Damon looks around as if he might be able to see, but doesn't. Jeremy tells him to stop knocking around with that blond original chick that almost got him killed. Tyler shows up. He thought he was going to leave them to find peace? Alaric says did he think he would leave and not look back with Damon in charge?

Damon knows Ric is talking about him and Jeremy tells him Alaric says he's a dick. Damon holds his drink up and cheers Alaric who answers back with his own "cheers". Bonnie sees Katherine who is not ready to die. She concentrates and goes back into her body waking up. Elena is sitting there on the bed and tells her she really doesn't want to die.

Elena heard her heart stop. Katherine is disoriented and asks where is she. Elena tells her still alive unfortunately. Katherine claims she thought she was a goner and that she still has unfinished business. So does Elena. She forgives Katherine. She talks about how Katherine wasn't born evil she was made that way. Elena compares their lives and the similarities. Katherine agrees they are not that different. She asks Elena to help her with one more syringe.

Katherine says if anyone's going to plunge a needle in her one last time t may as well be her. Elena prepares to do it and Katherine thanks her for her forgiveness. Elena says your welcome and goes to inject her. Katherine waits until it's done then grabs Elena and says the spell Nadia taught her. Who didn't see that coming? LoL

Katherine becomes a passenger in Elena's body and she passes out. A phone is ringing and Elena wakes up and answers it. Mia is on the other end and says something that brings Katherine to the surface. Sorry I didn't research the language Mia used or the word she said. Nadia is on the phone asking Katherine if it worked? Really now.

Katherine checks her dead body and says of course it worked. "I'm Katherine Pierce. I survive. I'll see you soon." She hangs up and goes to look in the mirror. She plays at introducing herself as Elena Gilbert and just shakes her head at the absurdity. Oh, but she clearly likes that she is in Elena's body.


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