October 26, 2014

My TV Corner

Hi all, allow me to introduce myself I'm Jessica and I'm a TV addict. There I've said it out loud now lets discuss my favorite shows this week!


Once Upon A Time - ABC 8/9c

On Once Upon A Time  Emma asked Hooked out and he became Captain Hand... yeah anyone else immediately know that wouldn't turn out well? Mr. Gold is seriously testing the concept that true love conquers all and I'm hoping for a Mickey Mouse cameo.  As for Elsa, how adorable were she and Charming bonding over their shared overprotective natures. But, I think its clear that the Snow Queen is behind whatever happened to Anna. Oh... and lest we forget Regina, have a little faith my queen for Robin Hood loves you and tampering with the book will no doubt lead to a serious mess. 

Resurrection - ABC 9/8c

Michelle Fairley as Margaret Langston is riveting, a force to be reckoned with, this is not the type of momma you want to mess with. I've always found flashbacks to be hit or miss but in this case Resurrection is bringing the back to the best effect, see what i did there.

Bellamy is on the case himself now more there ever since discovery his own resurrection.  My theory... he's way more connected than we've even begun to know.

The Walking Dead - AMC 9/8c

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! Everywhere! Anyone else miss the days when this was the major problem Rick & Co. had to deal with? yeah... me too. So that Reverend, a show of hands that he's up to no good.

I'm happy to hear were are all drinking from the same Kool-Aid although for the record I wouldn't go near the burgers.  Oh Bob... We then go to Daryl and Carol lord there is a joke in there that well frankly never gets old, but I digress, they've taken off after the car with the white cross. Daryl is determined to get Beth back and I for one can't wait to see what's become of her.


Gotham - FOX 8/7c

Jim Gordon he's knee deep in an ever growing sea of lies... horrible segue I know but really how else was I supposed to talk Gotham and the fact that we all know things will only get worse for our favorite detective until pint-sized broody Bruce become super-sized broody Bruce makes it a bit harder to see the bright side, of course my every growing love of The Penguin is going to make everything more complicated in terms for who are we routing for in this. Speaking of which I love how we get to see Bruce's genius in action, and are being a shown a stronger foundation for Selina's obsession.

Sleepy Hollow - FOX 9/8c

As crime fighting duos surrounded by supernatural well... everything nobody saves the day like Abbie and Ichabod. Of course their respective families don't make it easy. Jenny and Abbie have been moving towards the right direction in terms of healing, sorry Ichy but I don't think Henry is even remotely interested in a happy reunion, Katrina however is becoming a bit of a wildcard.  As its become abundantly clear she's got no problem concealing the truth from her husband if she feels its for the greater good, Ichabod isn't feeling so charitable in his forgiveness and understanding this time around a fact that the headless horse and Henry will surely use in their favor. So, evil Katrina coming?


The Flash - CW 8/7c

The Flash is oh... how to sound unbiased when all i want to do is gush.  I love Barry Allen, I love him even when i want to shake him, and I foresee a lot of these moments on the horizon as a shipper war is already brewing Caitlin or Iris? established comic canon? or undeniable chemistry?

That aside, giving us a glimpse into pre-blast Caitlin with her fiance was just what the audience ordered.  Also thrilled that Iris seems to be headed in the journalist direction.  The team up between Joe and Barry is just what the doctor ordered and Cisco is the perfect bit of comic-relief. But Dr. Wells is evil? future Barry? WHAT IS HE!?!?

Agents of SHIELD - ABC 9/8c

What is going on with Coulson? and how about you finally tell Skye what is going on.  oh wait.. we finally get to that this week. The story gets a much need boast as we meet Mockingjay aka Bobbi Morse.

Sidenote: I'm totes sharing Jemma's crush on her.  Adrianne Palicki is still filming episodes of shield they are up to episode 8 for the interested, which is surely a good sign as Mockingjay saving Jemma ( did i mention you probably shouldn't read this if you don't want to be spoiled.) from Hydra was just what the shield agent ordered. Oh and Skye's daddy is one scary monster.


Arrow - CW 8/7c

Hmm...I wonder if Thea's daddy is his friend? scratch that they'd undoubtedly kill each other. Malcolm Merlin has been teaching Thea how to be a bad ass that is about to keep some secrets of her own. Felicity's got her self a bright new big shiny office that she hasn't told Ollie about yet.. uh-oh.

But then there is Ray whose got some secrets of his own that are sure to impact Oliver's life even more than his constantly hitting on his girl.  Speaking of which Laurel is on the warpath and determined to pick up her sister's leather jacket, go get'em.

The 100 - CW 9/8c

From one kick ass blonde to another we've got Clarke taking no prisoners even while she might be one. I'm not sure but is President Dante giving anyone else President Snow feels? I'm convinced his breath smells like blood and that's why Clarke is always backing away when he gets too close.

But, while the others inside Mount Weather are happy to eat cake Clarke hasn't given up hope on finding Finn and Bellamy alive.  Speaking of Clarke's boys, they aren't exactly having an easy time of it but how wonderful was it to see them standing side by side as allies against what may come. The adults are back and while this should mean good things I'm not exactly sure it will since Kane still thinks the rules of The Ark apply to Earth. I can't wait for him to be rid of this notion.

Oddly enough I still ship him with Abby like crazy. And I can't wait for Abby to reunite with Clarke her reunion with Raven was already awesome and I've no doubt she'll make sure Raven lives.  I'm far more worried about Octavia and Lincoln, he'll do whatever it takes to save her, heart eyes, but will it be enough?


The Vampire Diaries - CW 8/7c

Damon, oh Damon how do you confess to killing your nephew/uncle's baby momma and still manage to make me love you more? Ahh that's right I think Bonnie said it best because you feel the remorse and torture yourself over it.  You care.

Meanwhile Elena, what were you thinking well now you know what you did and we have Stefan to thank. Everyone stand up and give Stefan a round of applause.  Jeremy I want to feel bad for you but I also want to slap you see my dilemma.  I love you Alaric, makes goo goo eyes with hearts a him, I don't trust the new doctor.  Things I can't wait for Damon reuniting with... well everyone.

Scandal - ABC 9/8c

Scandal is driving me absolutely batty, I slay me sometimes,  but in all seriousness with what is going on with Jake, I know he's no saint but when will Papa Pope finally get his, and Fitz is being a jackass. 'nough said.

Melly on the other hand is finally back...I think.  While Olivia is breaking my heart you hold on to your belief girl, you're right! Abby.... I'm starting to really love ya, Red.

How To Get Away With Murder - ABC 10/9c

The flash forwards of How To Get Away With Murder are insanely good and confusing, who is the killer exactly? Did they all do it?  Are Wes, Connor, Michaela, and Laurel even friends?

Also what is going on with Asher during all these flash forwards? And Viola Davis just bow down everyone cause she's knocking it out of the park every week. Honestly, I just want more give me more.


Grimm - NBC 9/8c

Grimm is back and Nick is *gasp* normal?! I really, really, really hope this doesn't last indefinitely and that Juliette doesn't try to stop him from becoming a Grimm again. I love Trouble, that's just a phrase that needed to be said for multiple reasons.

It doesn't however make it any less true, I remember worrying she'd become the Dawn of Grimm (that 's a BTVS reference btw, for the uninitiated.)  I'm happy to report that she's anything but, my only gripe is I wish she was revealed to be Nick's little sister or cousin or something and please.. please... don't let the captain die!! 

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