November 21, 2014

Coffee...The Real Thing...

It's no secret that my love for coffee practically rivals other people's love for normal things like their family or you know life. So when I received a box of coffee from Real Cup Brand about a month ago you can imagine how absolutely giddy I was. No joke, when I realized what it was I totally did a mini jig around the living room as I haled the coffee gods. And then I preened over the box for like an hour because it was so pretty.


*points* Come on, look at how pretty that box is and it was huge like I'm talking big. This is an A+ presentation people. The way my coffee looks matters because I'm a shallow girl who likes pretty things...Okay fine I'm not that shallow, but I still like pretty things. Anyhoozer, let's forget the pretty for a minute and talk about all the different kinds of coffee and tea there were!

Flavored coffee
Light roast
Medium roast (2 canisters full)
Dark roast
Traditional tea
Loose leaf tea

Guys, I was in freaking coffee heaven! I still have like three tiny cups left (one is decafe, I don't do decafe, but after tasting all the other coffee I feel confident saying it's probably pretty delicious.) All the flavored coffee's were perfection. They didn't just smell amazing, but they tasted amazing. You know how sometimes something smells super strong and then you taste it and you can't really taste the flavor? 

Well that's not the case here. You could actually taste the flavor in every sip and most of the time I sat there super giddy like OMG my coffee tastes so yummy and it's pretty. I giggled to myself a few times and my sister looked at me super funny like 'what the hell are you doing over there weirdo'. 

I think my favorite were the Pumpkin Pie flavor and Winter Fest flavors. I drank the hell out of them. I finished and was like...I want more. The thing I love most about all of the coffee's not just the flavored ones was they weren't too acidic. You know how sometimes you drink coffee and then you get like crazy acid reflux or whatever? I find a lot of coffee's do that to me, but these didn't.

They were nutty and strong, but at the same time they didn't upset my stomach at all and that's hard to find for me since I drink so much coffee. But I drank a few of these a day and never had any issues with that, which was nice. Plus I love the little k-cups! They're so pretty and their names for the coffee's and teas are creative. I love that. I'm the type of person who will buy something whether it be coffee, nail polish, lipstick, whatever, because I like the name of it haha.

I would absolutely recommend checking out these coffee's if you haven't already. I love them to death. Just check out the website at the top of this page or Go to Real Cup Brand's website to learn more about their coffee. And if you get some totally let me know so you can tell me what you think of it because I'd love to hear it!

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