February 10, 2012

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella ay ay ay...

February Fun Facts

It’s Umbrella Day.

What the fuck? Umbrellas have their own day? How strange is that? But at the same time, it’s sort of cool. I mean who would have thought that a contraption to catch rain could have its own day.

Although I guess if you think about it an umbrella is just another accessory, which we love. I’m pretty sure if a fashion magazine told people to wear a cockroach on a string people would, so why not an umbrella?

How does one celebrate Umbrella Day? Well I’ll tell you how I’m going to celebrate it. I’m going to buy a new umbrella, scratch that I'm going to buy my first umbrella cause I don't actually have one. I'm going to match it with my outfit and eat a cookie because every holiday should be celebrated with a cookie.

Check out my favorite new umbrella normal umbrella here

And for the top 20 Dry-Tech umbrella’s you’re going to want to look right here. Coolest umbrella’s ever, not even kidding.

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